Monday, November 19, 2012

Our sacrifice is being noted...

This past week has been amazing! We had Zone Conference Wednesday - I left feeling rejuvenated with a sense of satisfaction in our accomplishments, my growth and a renewed drive and desire for the work. Not that I had lost my drive or love of it, but a lot of what was focused on and taught through the day was exactly what I needed to hear to put to ease some of my concerns and thoughts. We have fasted a lot this month - individually on F&T Sunday, as a mission that week, as a companionship before Zone Conference and with two of our investigators this weekend. Our sacrifice is being noted and our prayers are being answered, miracles are happening!!! I don't know if it's the holiday season, the sudden appearance of Christmas decor in the stores and homes of members or the lessons I've learned and growth I've experienced or a combo of all of the above, but I feel as though I have a different spirit about me. And I LOVE it!!!

I love the holiday season and all it entails - yummy food, family time, gift giving, Christmas music and lights, etc., but I'm pretty sure that despite the absence of those I love and miss this is going to be my best holiday season yet. Friday was a Bike/Foot day so we lined up rides to and from all of our appointments and tracting areas with many members offering to attend appointments with us. Members' testimonies are so powerful and make all the difference in teaching! We even had our dinner appointment family allow us to use their bikes as we spent our hour prior to dinner tracting in their neighborhood. Sisters on bikes, in skirts ;p We loved it and have trouble understanding why the elders are so whiny about riding bikes! So many more opportunities to talk to people than riding in a car!

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday that is upon us I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for all I have been blessed with throughout the years.

I love you all so much and am eternally grateful for the love, support, guidance and example you have given me and been as I have come to know and love you throughout the years. While I love and appreciate my family first and foremost, I know that you have each contributed in your own seemingly small but great way to who I am and who I want to be. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people surround me and hope that you all know how much I love and miss you! Continue smiling and being the wonderful people you are as no one can do it better than you!!!

I sincerely hope that as the holiday suggests, we can all remember to give thanks to our loving Heavenly Father for all He has blessed us with. Have faith to know that as we continue to obey His commandments, follow His will for us, read and study His word and pray sincerely to Him for the desires of our hearts, He will continue to bless us and provide us with all we need to succeed and be happy. I love Him so much and hope that we will all feel closer to Him as we partake in this holiday season and surround ourselves with family and all that is good :)
Love always and forever,
Sister Beth Green

P.S. Transer call just came through and I am staying in Little Miami at least until the next transfer :) I am very happy and feel blessed to be able to stay with the wonderful members I have come to know and love over such a short period of time; it will make the holidays feel more like home in some ways.